Are your profits going up in smoke?

You already have an inkling of the impact smoking has on your organisation. After all, you’re searching for ways to help your employees become happy non-smokers.

Let’s run through some statistics

Every smoker on your payroll costs your business up to $5,700 every year. With smokers making up around 13% of Australia’s population, that’s more than $1million of lost revenue for every 1,000 employees.
Where’s the cost?

The average smoker:

  1. Loses up to 30 minutes a day—or 14 working days a year—on smoke breaks
  2. Takes, on average, 5 days more sick leave a year
  3. Costs 35-50% more to insure, a figure continually on the rise

Imagine the instant financial gain of helping 50% of your smoking staff give up cigarettes for good. And imagine if the results were 100% guaranteed—or your money back.

Now you know it’s the right decision

The Allen Carr Easyway corporate program consists of an in-depth session at our clinic (up to 20 people) or your workplace.

The 5-hour session is run by a qualified Allen Carr therapist who has quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway. Read more about how the Allen Carr seminars work.

Your investment includes

  1. A private group session at our locations or at your premises
  2. Free access to follow-up sessions for employees who need them
  3. Free telephone support from qualified Allen Carr therapists
  4. A feedback report outlining the number of attendees, number of sessions attended and their success rate

The program works for all smokers—regardless of age, gender or smoking/quitting history. There are no drugs, patches, lozenges, lasers or willpower, just a logical and sensible approach.

It’s the easy way to help your people quit, or your money back.

While one session is usually enough, everyone has access to post-seminar sessions to improve their chances of success. We offer personal telephone support for as long as required. All follow-up sessions and support are included in the one corporate price.

To make sure your staff members achieve success (and you get the most from your investment), we offer corporate clients two guarantee options: our 3-month money-back guarantee or our 3-year unlimited session guarantee.

Guaranteed unlike any other quit smoking method

If you choose our standard 3-month money-back guarantee and your staff are still smoking within 3 months from the date of your first session (after attending two follow-up sessions as well), your fee will be refunded in full.
Read more about how the guarantee works.

Alternatively, you can choose our 3-year unlimited session guarantee. If an attendee is still smoking after attending the follow up sessions, they may complete the entire program as often as is necessary within a 3-year period – at no extra cost.

Most companies choose the 3-year unlimited session guarantee, as it’s easier to manage and gives them more flexibility.Whichever guarantee option you choose to go with, your staff will get a better success rate if they attend a follow up session within a month or two of the first session. These follow-up sessions are absolutely free and will improve their chances of success even more.

Allen Carr’s Easyway is the world’s most successful corporate stop-smoking program. Since 1983, millions of people have stopped smoking with Easyway, and there are now 150 Allen Carr’s Easyway centres in 45 countries worldwide.

In addition, Allen Carr’s Easyway has a global network of clinics and Australia-wide coverage, meaning you can turn to Easyway virtually anywhere.

By offering Allen Carr’s Easyway corporate sessions to your staff, you will

  1. Improve profitability through fewer breaks & increased productivity
  2. Reduce absences from work due to sickness and stress
  3. Increase safety with a cleaner, healthier environment for all
  4. Reduce the risk of legal action related to the effects of passive smoking
  5. Reduce your fire risks, which may lead to lower insurance premiums
  6. Unify your workplace, removing smoker vs. non-smoker segregation

Improve your company image

Many of the world’s most successful organisations have used Allen Carr’s Easyway to create a healthier, happier and more productive work environment.

When you compare the investment with the money you’ll save each year, you could achieve a 300-600% return!

Let’s start the conversation about creating a smoke-free workplace

Not quite ready?

We can run an information session for those smokers who aren’t quite ready or are downright sceptical. This gives people the opportunity to talk to us, question or challenge us and find out what we do and why we’re different.

Wondering if your company would sponsor you? Why not invite your HR department to look at this page or ask us to put together a package to give to your HR department.