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Allen Carr Facilitators

At Allen Carr's Easyway our mission is to make it easy for you to quit. We take immense pride in helping others because we know what it is like.

We've been there, we've had the struggles, tried every other method and finally found the way that worked for us, easily and happily.

Meet our quitting experts.

Every one of our awesome facilitators quit with Allen Carr's Easyway.

Having been there ourselves we understand the issues and how you feel.

Most importantly we know how to quit.

Natalie Clays

Director - USA, Australia & New Zealand
Natalie Clays, Allen Carr facilitator
20 year smoker, quit 2003

I tried my first cigarette at the age of 15, trying to look cool and trying even harder not to choke or vomit. It was vile and disgusting and made me feel ill but I was determined to learn how to do it. Twenty years later I was still smoking.

Over the years I fell into every category of smoker; I was a regular pack-a-day smoker, a casual smoker, a secret smoker and a chain smoker.

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Gill Scott

Quit Smoking Facilitator

Gill Scott, quit smoking facilitator

20 year smoker, quit 2007

I had smoked for 20 years when I was diagnosed with asthma.

I had tried everything to give up. Hypnosis, Nicotine replacement therapies, acupuncture and cold turkey but nothing stopped me longing to smoke.

Then I attended the Allen Carr’s Easyway clinic in 2007...

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Jaime Reed

Quit Smoking Facilitator

Jaime Reed, Allen Carr facilitator

19 year smoker, quit 2000

I smoked for 19 years and tried to stop countless times.

The longest I ever managed to stop smoking for was three months. Several times I was able to stop smoking for a couple of weeks but mostly it was only a few hours before I would start smoking again…

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Joe Martino

Quit Smoking Facilitator
Joe Martino, Allen Carr facilitator

10 year smoker, quit 2012

I started smoking at 14 years of age because I thought I was really cool. Unfortunately the cool factor wore off very quickly and that insidious weed had the better of me.

By age 15 I was already trying to quit. I was a serial quitter and tried absolutely everything…

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Kathryn Jolley

Quit Smoking Facilitator

Kathryn Jolley, quit smoking facilitator

20 year smoker, quit 2015

I tried my first cigarette when I was 14. It tasted awful, it made me cough, it made me sick and it was harsh on my throat. I persevered with another and then another and it took me a while to learn how to smoke.

20 years later, I had smoked at least a packet a day, sometimes two, every day until Saturday February 22nd 2015...

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Horton McCormick

Stop Drinking Facilitator
Horton McCormick, Stop drinking facilitator

Quit alcohol 2007

Since my first beer at the age of 17, I always enjoyed being the life of the party, even being a bit of a party animal. Throughout college, my career, marriage, and even after starting a family, drinking always played a part in my socializing.

In my early forties, I was becoming rundown, lethargic, and just not myself.

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Oliver Lewis

Stop Drinking Facilitator
Oliver Lewis, Stop drinking facilitator
Quit alcohol 2005

Discovering Easyway was a major catalyst in my life. I’d been a heavy smoker and drinker since I was a teenager. My whole life revolved around the pub, and getting drunk was the norm.

I drank through university, through my early career, through every major event of my life.

Socialising and boozing were one and the same – my life was drenched in the stuff. It was only when I tried to cut back, that I realised I had a problem.

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