Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Covid Safety

By accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to abide by all Covid safety measures applicable to your event.

Money Back Guarantee

If within 3 months from the date of your first seminar you are still smoking or vaping and decide not to stop, your fee will be refunded in full without inquisition. Your word will be taken on trust. However, we would request you on your part to be genuine in your desire to stop.

This guarantee will be invalidated in any of the following events:

(1) That you cancel, postpone or fail to attend any seminar, arrive over fifteen minutes late or leave over 15 minutes early for any seminar.

(2) That you fail to attend at least two free back-up seminars within three months of the date of your first seminar (the second and third seminars are not a repeat of the first seminar and last approximately 2 – 3 hours each)

Should you stop smoking or vaping for 3 months or longer but start again at a later date, you may attend any number of follow-up seminars on payment of half the standard fee. However, once you have not attended a full first seminar in the preceding 12 months you would need to attend the first seminar again, and the standard fee will be payable and the guarantee will apply.

Please note that Special Promotions may not include the Money Back Guarantee.

Follow-up seminars

Follow-up seminars are different to the initial seminar and are approximately 2 to 3 hours long. They may be held during business hours and we cannot guarantee weekend seminars. Follow-up seminars are conducted online.

You will need:

A webcam
Desktop, laptop or tablet device. Screen size is important, smartphone screens are too small.
A strong internet connection.
Headphones are recommended.

Corporate Guarantee

If staff members are still smoking or vaping after attending the initial and follow-up seminars they may complete the entire program again as often as is necessary within a 3-year period at no extra cost. This guarantee applies to the company and not the individual. The individual must be employed by the company who has the right to the guarantee at the time of attendance.

Cancellation Policy

All seminars require a minimum number of people to proceed. We reserve the right to cancel an event should the minimum not be met. In the unlikely event that your seminar is cancelled we will reschedule you to another date or provide a full refund if we cannot find a suitable alternative.
Public and One-to-One Seminars

Once you have received confirmation of your place on the seminar you will be liable for the whole fee unless we receive 4 days notification of cancellation (7 days for One-to-One seminars).

For bookings cancelled 4 days (7 days for One-to-One seminars) or more before a seminar date, the full seminar fee will be refunded or transferred to another date.No refund will be made for bookings cancelled less than 4 days before the seminar (7 days for One-to-One seminars), except in exceptional circumstances and then only at the discretion of the Center Management. Promotional vouchers will always be invalidated.

However, we may consider transferring the fee to another seminar.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be refused entry. Your fee will not be refunded but an alternative seminar date may be offered at the discretion of the Center Management.

In the unlikely event that you require a back-up seminar, please be aware that cancelling or re-arranging your appointment will invalidate any Money-back Guarantee (regardless of notice given).

Corporate Seminars

Two weeks notice is required to cancel or postpone a worksite seminar otherwise the full fee applies.

There is a minimum number of 10 people per seminar and the booking is confirmed only on full payment of the fee.

If fewer than 10 people attend the seminar, the minimum fee still applies. If more people attend the seminar than anticipated, the company is committed to pay for each additional attendee within 30 days of the seminar taking place.

By engaging our services it is considered that you agree to our terms and conditions.

Country Specific Terms & Conditions 

AIA Vitality Members Australia & New Zealand

Membership must be current at time of attendance and members will be asked to provide proof of ID at the start of the seminar. For online seminars proof of ID will need to be held up to the camera.
AIA Vitality benefits are solely for the named member and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Toyota Australia Employees Only

ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR TMCA PARTICIPANTSBy participating in Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking (the Program), I warrant that I am a current employee of Toyota Motor Corporation Australian (TMCA), and acknowledge and accept the following: (a) TMCA will be notified of my enrolment in the Program and will confirm my employment status with the Allen Carr prior to commencement; (b) Participant names will be provided to TMCA for the purpose of measuring Program engagement and success; (c) TMCA may contact me to discuss my progress in the Program and seek feedback about the Program; and (d) All personal information will be managed in accordance with TMCA’s Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at www.toyota.com.au/privacy. Please contact TMCA on 1800 869 682 if you would like to request access to, or correct, your personal information held by TMCA.