Terms and Conditions

Money Back Guarantee

If, 3 months from the date you commence Allen Carr’s Easyway program, you are still smoking, your fee will be refunded in full.

The only way our guarantee can be invalidated is if:

  1. You cancel, postpone or fail to attend a session or arrive over 15 minutes late/leave early for a session.
  2. You don’t attend at least 2 free follow-up sessions within 3 months of the date of your first session.

If you stop smoking for 3 months or longer but start again within 12 months, you can attend any number of follow-up seminars for half the standard fee. However, should you wish to attend the first seminar again, the standard fee will be payable and the guarantee will apply as before.

Follow Up Seminars

Follow-up seminars are different to the initial seminar and are approximately 2 ½ to 4 hours long. They are usually held during the week and we cannot guarantee weekend seminars.

Follow up seminars are conducted online. You will need:

  • A webcam
  • Desktop, laptop or tablet device. Screen size is important, smartphone screens are too small.
  • A strong internet connection.

Corporate Guarantee

If staff members are still smoking after attending the initial and follow up seminars they may complete the entire program again as often as is necessary within a 3 year period – at no extra cost.

This guarantee applies to the company and not the individual. The individual must be employed by the company who has the right to the guarantee at the time of attendance.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend your seminar and wish to reschedule we ask that you do so at least 48 hrs before your scheduled start time so that we can adjust our arrangements accordingly.

We will usually reschedule without charge.

If you wish to cancel your booking and request a refund you can do so without charge up to 48 hrs before your scheduled start time.

If you cancel and request a refund within 48 hrs of your scheduled start time, your payment will be refunded less an administration charge of $100 to cover upfront expenses of catering, room hire and facilitator travel expenses.