Why continue to smoke?

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Every smoking related article that I read in the news or in a blog is always about the reasons why you should quit smoking.

I just read another one now…”smoking will block your arteries blah blah blah”.


Do they honestly think that smokers are that stupid and don’t know all this stuff?


I knew all the bad stuff about smoking but it didn’t stop me. The only thing that stopped me after 20 years of puffing away was changing the way I thought about it and finally understanding the truth.

I think this quote from the UK Observer newspaper sums it up wonderfully…


“I stopped smoking not because it causes cancer, not because it smells nasty, not because anyone disapproves. I stopped because Allen Carr explained why there was no point continuing….”


So stop worrying about the reasons why you shouldn’t smoke. Instead, ask yourself the question, why would I continue to smoke?!


(You can get a detailed answer to that question at our seminars)


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