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10 Cool Things That Happen When You Quit Smoking

Have you ever wondered what happens when you quit smoking?

I’m not talking about the obvious stuff like your risk of emphysema or cancer decreasing; I’m pretty sure most smokers are already aware of that.

I’m talking about all the really good stuff that happens when you quit smoking!

First – Your eyes will be whiter.

One of the first things I noticed when I quit smoking was how clear my eyes became! My yellowish, bloodshot eyes became white and clear again and the dark circles underneath them completely disappeared.

2. You’ll smell so much nicer.

As a smoker I had no idea how bad my hair, breath, clothes and even just the space around me used to stink. I only realised it once I’d quit and was able to smell smokers.

3. Your skin will be clearer.

Most smokers have dull, lacklustre and even greyish skin. Once you quit smoking and your oxygen levels increase, you should look brighter, fresher with a radiant glow.

One of my clients was once asked if she’d had a face lift after she’d quit smoking.

4. You’ll have more energy.

As a smoker I was always tired and lethargic but used to put it down to my age. As soon as I quit smoking I had loads of energy and felt like I could run a marathon!

5. You’ll be clearer headed.

Do you think it’s normal to have headaches? I used to think so! Since I quit smoking there are no more headaches or brain fog.

6. You’ll be more relaxed.

Smoking causes anxiety and increases your heart rate which is the complete opposite of relaxation.

7. You’ll be less anxious and less stressed.

Without the worry and anxiety and panic and stress of being a smoker, there’ll be one less massive thing to worry about.

8. You’ll sleep better.

More oxygen, more relaxed and more calm leads to better sleep.

9. You’ll be more attractive.

Lighter, brighter, fresher, radiant and glowing = more attractive.

10. You’ll be happier.

How can you not be once all of the above starts to happen?!


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