Smoking Band-Aids Do Not Address The Real Issue

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PACKING in smoking makes you live longer, reduces your chance of getting cancer, and can even boost your sex life… but despite that millions of people every year struggle to kick the addiction.

“Smokers become hooked on cigarettes when they develop a dependency on nicotine – the addictive substance in tobacco that fuels cravings,” said Natalie Clays, former smoker of 20 years and ambassador of the Allen Carr quit smoking method.

People who choose NRT use products such as chewing gum, patches, and inhalators, “but these products have a 95% failure* rate, yet the Government subsidise these products using taxpayers’ money,” explained Natalie.

It is a well-known fact that using these products, including vaping, doesn’t solve the problem at hand. Nicotine addiction is 99% psychological and 1 % physical (why else would smokers still crave cigarettes weeks/months/years after quitting when all of the nicotine has left their bloodstream) which is why a physical product, like vaping or patches, is not the solution. The person is still addicted to a drug substance, but the other issue is, by falling into the trap of these products, we are feeding and fuelling the future of pharmaceuticals and tobacco companies, who are misleading the smoking population with alternative money-making schemes.

The latest quit smoking method is in the form of vaping. Natalie went on to say, “although vaping is presumed healthier than smoking cigarettes, it’s still not the solution.

“I smoked for 20 years. I tried everything on the market to help me quit, but nothing worked. I realised I wasn’t addressing the issue; the addiction. I was masking it with alternative band-aids. Then, everything changed when I found Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking, method,” said Natalie. The technique of the Allen Carr method involves understanding how addiction works in order to explore some of the delusions about why people smoke. “This method of quitting smoking has the highest success rate of all and a money back guarantee, yet smokers aren’t aware of it because it’s not a pharmaceutical product.

“I was very nervous and sceptical and after one 5-hour session, I wasn’t sure how to feel. Nothing happened. No awful withdrawals, no anxiety, no inability to function, I simply didn’t smoke anymore. That session changed my life.

Not only did Natalie quit smoking but she decided to train as an Allen Carr therapist and helps other people understand how the smoking trap works.

Allen Carr himself, a heavy smoker of 100 per day, quit smoking using his own method and has since helped approximately 30 million people in 50 countries worldwide over a 35 year period. “The results speak for themselves” finished Natalie.

* Source: Journal Addictive Behaviours—November 2006. This was the last comprehensive study completed on this topic.


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