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Stop Drinking Alcohol Seminars

Thank you for visiting and congratulations on taking a step closer towards regaining your life from alcohol.

Whether you feel that you are drinking too much alcohol; lose control as a result of consistent binge drinking or feel you have a serious alcohol dependency, it has affected your life enough for you to be reading this.

Often we have a little voice in our heads telling us that today is the day we’ll stop drinking. As the day unfolds, alcohol withdrawal is taking place and the stress builds. By the time we get home we feel that we've earned a drink, so the cans or bottles are opened as we tell ourselves that tomorrow will be different. Sound familiar?

If you have struggled to control your intake of alcohol you probably feel that you have failed on countless occasions. This failure adds to the stress and we binge or crave alcohol at the same time that we’re trying to reduce our intake. We know we have a problem but don’t want to face up to it. This makes us struggle even more and the downward spiral begins to pick up pace.

The great news is it wasn’t you who failed; it was the approach to stopping drinking that you followed which failed. Fortunately you don’t have to battle for the rest of your life because Allen Carr’s Easyway have applied the principles of their phenomenally successful stop smoking method to the issue of alcohol addiction.

How Allen Carr's Method Works

The aim of our alcohol seminars is to help each participant gain absolute freedom from alcohol, and yes, that does mean you quit drinking completely. You might be unsure about whether you even want to achieve that which is part of the issue. You'd prefer to carry on drinking but at a 'safe' level that suits you.

The alcohol seminars are designed to change your perception of drinking. We don't focus on the reasons you should stop drinking which you already know; instead we'll look at the reasons why you do drink. Once you truly understand these, alcohol will no longer be an issue for you.

The seminar will help you understand why you drink alcohol and why you have found it so difficult to quit in the past. It covers every aspect of drinking from whether you think you do it out of habit, for time out, to socialise, relieve stress or simply because you enjoy it.

There are no scare tactics or shocking images of the harm that drinking does. Instead we examine and correct the misconceptions that keep all drinkers trapped.

Not just the physical addiction to alcohol but the mental aspect as well and you may be surprised to learn that the addiction is partly physical but mostly mental.

More detail: How Allen Carr's method works.

7 hour small group seminar

Money Back Guarantee

Terms and conditions apply

Free online follow up seminars and support for 3 months

Simple, effective, drug free approach

The Seminar Program

The full program consists of 3 different sessions. Most people find the initial 7 hour session is enough to become a happy non-drinker but the subsequent shorter 3 to 4 hour sessions are included free for those that need a little extra support.

The follow up seminars are different to the initial seminar and are all conducted live online via Zoom.

The Money Back Guarantee

The reason we offer a money back guarantee is so that you can try our approach without financial risk. We are unique amongst established cessation services in offering this kind of guarantee.

As long as you complete the programme as specified in our terms we will be more than happy to refund your fee.

Please read: Terms and conditions

Your Facilitators

Horton McCormick, Stop drinking facilitator

Horton McCormick

Oliver Lewis, Stop drinking facilitator

Oliver Lewis

Our facilitators were drinkers who quit with Allen Carr's Easyway so they know how you feel and more importantly they know how to quit.

Meet the team

Online Seminar Requirements

A reliable internet connection
A desktop, laptop or tablet with a webcam and microphone. Larger screen size is better
A quiet, comfortable space

Seminar Features

Live and interactive with an experienced Allen Carr facilitator
Free live online follow up sessions for 3 months
Works for all drinkers - young, old, light, heavy etc.
Private and workplace seminars available

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Sir Richard Branson

His method is absolutely unique, removing the dependence on cigarettes, while you are actually smoking. I’m pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends and my staff.

Hear Richard talk about Allen Carr…


I quit when I got pregnant by reading Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. That really worked for me. (And now) Willow makes me not want to (smoke). And besides, unlike before, cigarettes smell repulsive to me.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher joins the long list of celebrities who’ve found it easy to quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway. In his latest Hollywood film, Kutcher plays a troubled young man who enlists with the Coast Guard. In preparation for this physically demanding role, he stopped smoking with the help of Allen Carr.

Hear Ashton talk about it with Jay Leno…


I’m still going strong and I had realised that I’d been off them for a year. To me it’s not so much about the money (although it is good to save a bit), it’s about the fact that as someone who smoked at least 200 cigarettes a week, that’s more than 10,400 smokes that I haven’t sucked into my poor long-suffering lungs!

Jason Hoopert

A very close friend gave me a book and said if your serious about giving up. She was a nonsmoker but had been told by others that this book really helps……

Fifteen hundred days smoke free because of this book so how can I not recommend them, I tried the other ways before patches, gum but Allen Carr’s the Easyway worked for me.

Roger Rao

Easy instructions, and pleasant presentation. Been a smoker for 34 years, and managed to stop with his program. Highly recommend.

Michelle Prendergast

Many apologies for not posting earlier.

I have sincerely forgotten that I was ever a smoker, the moment I left your course. I have now surpassed my 6 month anniversary of smoke freeness!! Woo hooooooo!!!

It has gone so quickly!! I tell everyone who wants (or doesn’t want) to listen, that stopping smoking was the single most easiest thing that I have done in my whole life. I am even embarrassed that I did not do it sooner because it was so easy. I have had no withdrawals. None!! I can’t understand why every smoker isn’t just doing it this way!!!

I thank you from the bottom of my now healthier heart, for the freedom you gave to me. I still don’t know HOW it actually worked and I can’t describe it to other people, but it worked… 100%. It’s the ONLY way to stop.

May your day be wonderful and many thanks again. And no offense… I hope to never need your services again.


Michelle Prendergast

Damian Hibbert

Have my own business, 3 young boys, busy life and always believing I needed to smoke to help control my stress. Did the course recently, went in a pack a day smoker, not overly keen to quit but knew I had too… walked out a happy non smoker. First week smoke free was much easier than expected, some slight head ache feelings and a little tired but never grumpy or stressed. This is what the course does, re wires how you think towards smoking without touching on scare tactics with negative health implications etc. In a way you walk out with the mindset of someone that doesn’t smoke and pumped about it. Soon the energy comes back, better sense of smell and taste and the wallet is thankful! Being allowed to smoke throughout the 5 hour course was important and by the time of your last cig, you will surprisingly find yourself not wanting it. So try the course, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Brad Thompson

Stopped cigarettes 3 years ago,Stopped alcohol 18 months ago with allen carr audio books,he was a absolute genius,highly recommended….

Domenic Nicholas Miloni

This course & the lady that runs it Natalie saved & changed my life . Everyday since I’ve done the course 8 years ago I’ve been free & happy 😊 from smoking . ❤️ Nick

Lisa Westlake

When I joined Easy Ways small Melbourne quit alcohol group recently I felt nervous and unsure. I was quickly impressed, and made to feel at ease, by our facilitators (Mike) warm and professional approach. The information he shared and the method of delivery was excellent. It allowed me to view my relationship with alcohol in a completely different way. As the day progressed the way became clear for me and I started to realise I could be free of the daily tug of war in my head and a different happy, healthier life was possible. I see the Easy Way as completely different to the internal battle of “trying to be strong”. It is about understanding and choosing to take back control … because we deserve that for ourselves. It is early days for me but I feel free and so happy and every day I Just feel more so …. and more sure. Thank you Mike and thank you Easy Way

Vanessa De Sousa

EVERYONE. PLEASE. Trust me when I say, this is THE way to stop smoking!! Literally, I cannot stress this any more! I was a moderate-heavy smoker and my girlfriend a social smoker only; we both read the book and haven’t touched a cigarette since!!! Don’t even THINK about it.

I smoked “full time” for 15 years and never thought I’d actually quit. I worried about it, but not enough to do anything about it. I was scared of failing!! I “liked” smoking and LOVED that fag after dinner!!

I did fail the first time… and that’s okay. I read it again and BOOM! Done. Don’t ever think about it. Not even when I’m partying/drunk!

Cannot believe the governments don’t acknowledge, promote or advertise this method because it can’t be “tested”. I’m telling you, the 90+% of people who have quit from simply READING A BOOK, should be enough to at least give it a go and stop wasting a bunch of money on crap that doesn’t work/just keeps feeding the body nicotine.

Please please please, give it a read or go to the face to face workshops! Trust me, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

Amy Shiell

It truly Works! I was sceptical but it will change your life forever!

Kim Greeve

I have tried many different ways over many years and the Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking has made this attempt successful and painless. It has reinforced that smoking is an illusion and I can be free. It is not using will power and is not about denying myself, it’s about smoking is an illusion, a drug addiction and something I can be free from. I really enjoy attending the Booster sessions as it reinforces the illusion and helps me. Attending a Booster session. Is not about failing it is about reinforcing as well.
Joe has been an excellent trainer and mentor.
I encourage everyone to attend and be free of smoking.

Fatima Ferizovic- Agovic

I finished the book yesterday and am now a NON SMOKER! Cant believe it! Amazing! What a genius allen carr is!

Jo Rendina

I came across Allen Carr Easy Way To Smoking while searching for an e book novel to read. Instead of a novel I ordered Allen Carr, the best thing I ever did. I tried to stop many times using other methods but nothing worked. I believe the book worked for me because it doesn’t use scare tactics, it provides factual information and a great process to work with towards stopping. Feels great to be free!! Jo

Oliver Lewis

I first heard about Allen Carr’s Easyway in 2001. A friend recommended it, and I attended a smoking clinic later that year. I’d been trying to quit for years, and had tried patches, gum etc. The clinic session lasted 5 hours – I walked in a smoker, and walked out a non-smoker. I went straight to the pub afterwards, but didn’t need or want a cigarette. That was 17 years ago and I’ve never touched a cigarette since. It works by removing the actual need/desire to smoke, so you don’t need any willpower (which is good, because I don’t have any).

A couple of years later I attended an alcohol clinic, and found it just as easy to quit the booze. Again, I walked in a drinker and walked out a teetotaller. That was 12 years ago, and I’ve never touched a drop since. There’s no cravings so you can still go to pubs and be around drinkers etc. To be honest, I actually found it easier than stopping smoking, which is ridiculous when you consider the damage it can cause (my dad died of liver cirrhosis).

I’m writing this review now, as I recently brought their ‘Good Sugar, Bad Sugar’ book. It’s basically the same deal as the nicotine and alcohol clinics – i.e. it’s easy to quit, no willpower required etc. I’ve been off refined sugar now for 4 months, and am feeling a lot healthier as a result.

I’d recommend Easyway to anybody who wants to quit smoking, drinking and/or sugar. It’s quick, it’s easy – basically, you can’t go wrong.

Ginny Joy Marie

Finding out about Allen Carr is the best thing to have happened in my life. This may sound dramatic, but the EasyWay method has freed me from being trapped by addictions to nicotine, alcohol and sugar, leading to a boost in self-esteem, happiness, wellbeing, health, confidence and self-love. I’m certain that years will now be added to my life. The best thing is that this process was totally EASY. I recommend this method to anyone and everyone who wants more freedom, health and happiness in their life. Thank you Allen!!! <3

Kathryn Jolley

I attended the Stop Alcohol session in Melbourne on Sunday and it is now Friday and I am humbled and elated that I have no desire to drink, especially as Friday night use to be about after work drinks with straight whiskey. I can feel my body healing and my mind clearing after many years of heavy drinking.

It was one of the most courageous and inspiring sessions I have ever attended.

Mike, the facilitator, shared his personal experiences with alcohol addiction and I admire his ability to be so forthcoming and honest to a group of strangers.

Mike has lifted the illusion for me by sharing his in-depth knowledge on this drug, its effects on our mind and body as well as the brain washing that we see every day in all areas of society.

He delivered the session with honesty and compassion. His expertise and knowledge of the alcoholic drug was fantastic and I finally actually understand what the drug does and how alcohol tolerance happens. More importantly, I understand how easy it is for me to stop drinking especially hearing this from someone who has gone through it and done it.

It was a small group and we were at different levels and experiences with alcohol and you could feel the vulnerability in the room. Mike quickly made the room feel at ease with his humour, humility and passion on helping people to stop drinking.

Thank you Mike and thank you Allen Carr Easyway. 3 years ago I stopped smoking at an Easyway Clinic and now I have stopped drinking alcohol.

I highly recommend this session to anyone who drinks alcohol. Happy to answer any questions about my experience at the session or with alcohol. Just send me a message

Rachel Wallace

I went to the seminar very sceptical that it would work, I also kind of didn’t want it to work because I was afraid I would miss smoking as I believed I thoroughly enjoyed it. I left the seminar a non smoker and felt ‘back to normal,’ the seminar had rewired how I saw smoking. I didn’t have any withdrawals, I didn’t miss it. I genuinely don’t feel like I ‘gave anything up.’ It was so easy and I encourage any smoker to try the seminar and see if they want to smoke after it. I’d tried to quit a number of times, cold turkey, cutting down, been hypnotised etc, but THIS works.

Magdolna Boundouris

It was great, and the information was excellent, just what I needed. I am free now!!!

Chris Waddell

The Easyway seminar was amazing. I did it 5 years ago. I walked out like I’ve never smoked before, no withdrawals, I didn’t even think about a cigarette. But the most amazing thing I got out of it was how your mind can change, the power we can have over our mind. I experienced it first hand with the Easyway so I applied it to other things. It helped me give up drinking (because I needed to). My health insurance covered it because they know it works and Richard Branson’s Virgin company employees get free cover for The Easyway because they know it works.

Natalie Marie

This is by far the only way to give up smoking! It completely changes the way you think about cigarettes, you will not feel deprived, just free, happy and healthy!! I got my life back, after smoking for nearly 20 years! If you want to give up smoking then this is the opportunity, go for it! It will save your purse, your health and your life!

Kat Kupsch

Walk in a smoker and walk out a non-smoker – this is the only way to stop smoking AND be perfectly HAPPY about it …, its amazing, once you get it – you get it!!

Gillian Scott

The Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking course gave me all the tools I needed to stop smoking forever. I say ever because I could think of nothing more horrid than putting a cigarette in my mouth and I used to smoke up to 25 a day in the end. I smoked for 25 years and I am free. I truely feel free and so happy. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you

Chrissy Hynde

I think it is easy to see that the moral of my story is that drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, only cause suffering. I used Allen Carr’s Easyway and I stopped.

Anjelica Huston

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program achieved for me a thing that I thought was not possible – to give up a thirty year smoking habit literally overnight. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction. Like my friends I found it not only easy but also unbelievably enjoyable to stay stopped.

Hear more…

Ellen DeGeneres

Recently Ellen announced to millions of US TV viewers that she had finally quit smoking, using the method created by British-born Allen Carr. Ellen is the latest in a long line of celebrities to adopt the method in order to stop smoking. She started her chat show with a humorous, yet emotional announcement that she had finally quit smoking, after many failed attempts throughout the years using other methods, and she credited Allen Carr’s Easyway® method as the reason for her freedom from cigarettes.

See Ellen talk about it…

Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Try an Allen Carr therapist – I stopped in 4 hours.

Sedat Papagan

It’s awesome. Just do it!


Thank you, thank you, thank you – I can’t believe how easy it was to stop with the Allen Carr Method, when I tried everything else and nothing worked before! I am ashamed I was so sceptical. To be rid of the fear and the feeling of being hopeless and weak-willed is the greatest thing that happened to me.

Charlie M

Having attended your course on 9/9/06 no one is more surprised or delighted than I am at my success, having been a 30 per day smoker for 15 years. I have not had a cigarette since and have no intentions of ever returning to the nicotine trap. Thank you, thank you – the course was worth its weight in gold!

Katherine H

Thanks so much for the course – I am pleased to say that almost 2 months on and I am still a happy non-smoker. It has been so easy. I have told my work and they are offering people incentives to go along to the course now – so hopefully the word will continue to spread.

Dianne G

We can not believe that we have stopped smoking. We are actually amazed. Words can not express the joy of thinking that I have a future to look forward to with my kids. I will ensure to recommend your sessions to anyone who wants to listen. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


I am happy to say it works!
It’s been 19 months since I stopped and can’t even stand the smell of anyone else smoking.
I know I will never touch it again after 20 years of being a smoker and smelling like one.

Ray H

Just wanted to let you know I haven’t considered having a smoke since I attended the session early in October.
All the usual triggers that led to me wanting one are still there, and probably more so at times. I am still amazed at the fact that there is absolutely no desire to have one. I can’t imagine that I would ever take it up again.
Thanks again.


Hi, my name is Rebecca. I finished listened to easyway stop smoking audio book last Thursday night. I am amazed because I feel like I have always been a non-smoker. I can’t believe I wasted all that time in the last 13 years because I was too busy smoking. Thank You very much for giving back my life!


I didn’t realise how much time I wasted during the day smoking. – I now have a lot of free time! Unlike a lot of ex smokers I don’t notice the smell of cigarettes and can’t notice the smell in my car even tho’ I smoked in my car for nine years. I can sit down with others while they smoke and it does not worry me in the least.

Jack B

You helped me stop smoking about 3 months ago in Adelaide, and I would like to thank you very much for what you have done for me, and what you do. It was the most positive thing that I have done for myself for a long time, perhaps in my life!
I didn’t think I would be able to stop on my own, and I walked out of that place a non-smoker. Just like you said. That switch has been flicked, and the chain broken. And it was EMBARRASINGLY easy.
When I got back to my car that day after the session I broke down and cried. I cried! Because I realized in that short amount of time, how foolish I had been over the many years, and how I had been lying to myself. I was crying at how instantly happy I had just become.
People ask “oh, how long have you quit for?” The thing is, I don’t even know the exact time, like they’re expecting me to. I guess because most people keep track of this sort of thing. I’m not keeping track, of the minutes or days, none of that is important, because I stepped out of that door and just continued on with my life, however this time, as a non smoker.
And another thing – I didn’t know I was going to the clinic until THAT MORNING! Some of my friends had chipped in to pay for the clinic, and surprised me with it that morning. So from someone who wouldn’t have necessarily stopped on his own, not even knowing what was going to happen that day, to walking out that door a non smoker, that was a life changing day.
You change people’s lives –
Thank you


I am very proud of myself thanks to you.
I had a hens night on the 3rd of October and woke up in a crap mood and didn’t want to go to
the hens night convinced that I was going to have a shit time, there was no way I was going to have fun
Without my smokes.
Well i had a great time had a few beers, a jelly shot of something, a blue drink in the limo and a shot of tequila,
told the hen and her friend the were pathetic for smoking, sang some awful karaoke, had a Japanese meal and to
my surprise didn’t have a very bad hangover.
Then had my best friend mums 60th on Sat night 80% of this crowd smoked and I had the monster in my head
at least 20 times thru the night just one it will be okay, one won’t hurt, sneak around the back blah blah.
but I got thru it.
Then on Sunday we had our traditional Bathurst day at a friends all the guys sit in the carport and smoke and
drink and watch the cars go round and round and round and round enough to make you want to start smoking.
(Now that’s boring). And the girls sit in the garden and do girl stuff with our beer and smokes.
There is 6 of us girls all smoke except me now and 9 guys 8 heavy smokers 1 gave up 10 yrs ago.
I now feel i have been put in every situation that i felt i couldn’t do it without my smokes boy was i wrong.
I have more time on my hands, I’m not yelling at my kids as much, that awful feeling in the mornings of being lethargic
and the morning headache is going.
Sounds crazy but last night I smelt my husband’s fingers because I used to like the smell of nicotine on my fingers
And I almost dry reached. (Don’t tell anyone that)
I feel I have dealt with the monster in my belly still working on the one in my head but he’s getting weaker.
Thanks Diane
I don’t want to be nagging at all my smoking friends and family but i did drop subtle hints.

Karthikeyan Vivek

Hi, I’m Karthik from India. I was a heavy smoker for 18 years and failed to stop smoking numerous times. One day I came across Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking method in Google search, then I did some research and felt ok with reviews more over feedback from medical practitioners were encouraging and this unique method helped me to stop smoking easily on 28 Feb 2020. Go for it!


1. It was originally because of health concerns that I decided to go to Easyway – and I’m glad. My health has improved significantly. I can now powerwalk without getting breathless and have taken up yoga.
2. I had a big issue with the smell of smoke on my hands and clothing at work and washed my hands every time I had a smoke. Don’t have to do that anymore !! I also washed my hair every day because of the smoke smell and now don’t have to. It took a while to get out of the habit though.
3. Not enough time in the day ……. with not going outside every hour or so, and not washing my hands each time, not going to the shop for smokes every day, I think I’ve saved quite a lot of time.
4. AND… because I’m not going to the shop for smokes every day, I’ve saved heaps more money by not buying things I really don’t need.. like the chocolate bar and soft drink, magazine or newspaper etc etc.
5. My skin and eyes have noticeably improved – both appear clearer and less wrinkly, I look healthier, – these are comments from others. (wow)
6. I actually felt deprived of a ciggie when my friends were still smoking and I wasn’t. Now I’ve seen the angst they are still going through, I definitely don’t feel deprived.
7. I am happier visiting the grandchildren and not sneaking outside for a quick ciggie…..
Ohhhhh – the freedom !!! I now know just how enslaved I was.
Thanks Dianne – I have happily recommended Easyway to some family members and am waiting for them to make the committment. I does get easier.


I just wanted to let you know that, so far, I am still a non smoker, and 95% of the time, I am feeling so good about it.
I do have the odd time when I feel a little strange, but not once have I had the desire to light a cigarette.
Its hard to explain what I’m feeling – just a little void or emptiness maybe? However, this feeling usually passes, and I am back on top of the world again pretty quickly.
I hope the others on the course that day (30 Dec) have also been successful. I was so sure that I would be the one to fall at the first hurdle, and to my surprise, I do actually find it easy. It is unbelievable.
My mother is convinced I am taking some form of drugs as she just cannot believe that I am in such high spirits and full of enthusiasm.
I know it has only been just over 2 weeks, but I have it firmly set in my mind that I will never light a cigarette up ever again. I just keep reminding myself that it was that first cigarette that started me on that awful slippery road and I never want to be a slave to nicotine again.
I am in shock as to how simple it has been Dianne, and want to thank you for your assistance.
I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday the 9th Feb 2010. I will, by then, have been a non smoker for 6 weeks. What Joy!!!


Yes, I am delighted to say that the nasty little nicotine monster is dead!!!
I already feel amazing in such a short time – I have more energy, I have been exercising, I feel happier in general. My friends and family are also commenting that there is a noticeable difference in my appearance such as my eyes & skin being clearer and just looking “brighter” overall!
I was initially a little sceptical, thinking how can a 1 day course remove my desire to smoke but it absolutely did and I have to say I have suffered very little.
On Sunday evening after the course, I was a little teary (I don’t know why, but just a little emotional) but did not want to smoke – the next few days, although I didn’t want a cigarette, I found myself a little lost ….
sometimes, I would go to have a cigarette and then remind myself that I was no longer a smoker – it was a habitual thing rather than actually wanting a cigarette. I had to travel to Sydney for work on Thursday last week, and spent Thursday night in a beer garden at a pub in the city surrounded with smokers and had absolutely no desire to smoke – I think that was my time of revelation, I am no longer a smoker and never will be.
I will certainly recommend Easyway to my friends, I feel amazing all thanks to you and Easyway.
Thank you so much for setting me free!My brother who lives in Sydney is very interested!

Kirsten Cox

I am still not smoking.
– I was ‘forced’ to go by my partner so whilst I had played with giving up smoking previously never done it seriously.
– We were planning to get pregnant so if was probably good timing to go on the course
– Course was great and very effective!
– The first week was a little tense but after that it was smooth sailing and very much like the ‘magic pill’
– I often say to other smokers it is the magic pill and you are never left wanting another cigarette, never envious of others smoking which is a great feeling.
– I love not thinking of cigarettes and basically have my life back.
If you want to send this info o, more than happy for you to do so.

Melissa H

Couldn’t be happier and I’ve been spreading the word about the course and highly recommending it to all who want to stop smoking.
One of the girls at work is trying to do it cold turkey and she’s craving but I’m not. Thanks once again for helping me be a better me.

Wadih Hanna

If I could convince all smokers to see you, I would. Finally I worked out why the hell I felt trapped for so long. It’s like a feeling of needing to break through a brick wall only to discover once your out that the wall was made of paper. Thank you, Thank you…

Gail L

Thanks for the session on Saturday – it was brilliant! I have been raving to friends since and can’t quite get over that mental image of all those cigarettes in the middle of the room and how poisonous they are. I am relieved and excited to have had my last one!

Matthew Wayne

Loving life…..faced my hardest days both on boxing day and new years day….regardless of the state of incapacitation or during its progression not once did i think about having a cigarette. I was in awe at how my mind and body achieved something which after the day, seemed so easy…
My brother who lives in Sydney is very interested!

Petra Yared

When I went to my seminar I had tried everything to quit and I was quietly despairing that I was gong to die a smoker or at best, manage to quit only to long for cigarettes for the rest of my life. I was also the person convinced I’d be in the small percentage who it didn’t work for. It’s been nearly 4 years and I’m still so happily off cigarettes and truly know that I’ll never go back. It’s such a relief and pleasure to be free from that miserable addiction. I never miss them and I only wish I could convince more people to give this method a go with an open mind. It was such a huge help to me.

Val Saffy

It’s amazing…I have not touched a cigarette since our session on the 6th February. My husband in particular is very impressed as he was very sceptical about this method of quitting. I had a few tough days right in the beginning, but no major withdrawal, it was extremely easy.
Thank you so much for helping me, I could not have done it without you – I have already told the whole world about Allen Carr’s Easy Way – please feel free to use me as a point of reference anytime.


I would like to thank you and Allen Carr for giving me back my life. I attended your course on Sunday and already I know that I will never smoke again!!! The MONSTER is all but dead YEH! Yesterday was a bit difficult but thanks to you I was prepared and able to fight him and win. I woke up this morning and felt GREAT!
So once again a big thank you. I will tell every smoker that will listen how great the course is and that It DOES WORK!

Anne Marie

I wrote this poem morning after the great booster session we had yesterday. I t helped me
reinforce my commitment.
Yesterday I used to smoke my life away
enslaved, I was at the thought of my next smoke
soaked in vile smells, wrapped in dull food
tottering outside, smoking one, and one more.
Early today breakfast came, I had coffee
rejoicing, knowing I won’t need that first puff
drawing weekly plans in my pink diary
and taking one step ahead, remembering
Yesterday I’d only move in small circles.

Serena Sicuri

I attended Natalie’s seminar 13+ years ago. Bingo! After 44 years of smoking
I was finally free!!! What a wonderful feeling of being finally free of a habit and addiction to having that must have puff!!!! It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to all of you die hardy smokers! I was one of you! And I have never looked back! Just do it!

Maddi Empson

It is so hard to express how much this works – I was a chain smoker for seven years and my fiance for three – we have just celebrated our two year anniversary of being totally free after an Allen Carr seminar from Vickie in Wellington. If you are considering the Easyway, get your hands on the book or get in touch – you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. We had no cravings, no misery, no hardship in quitting. It was actually, genuinely, unbelievably easy thanks to this method, and has been the best thing we ever did for ourselves. We’ve saved $16,000 and our lives in the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Human Resources Magazine

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to stop smoking, and to companies that want to make a difference to the lives of their employees and the bottom line.

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Greg Riley

Quitting smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway – is the Easyway to freedom. I had been caught in the smoking trap for over 35 years. Once I understood the instructions completely – I have been able to enjoy my life without cigarettes.

Kyle & Jackie O

Hear Jackie O and some of her 2Day FM listeners during their quit smoking session.
Natalie Clays chats with Kyle and Jackie O on the 2Day FM breakfast show.

Five months on, the nicotine monster still lays silent. People are proud of me for stopping. I’m not. I’m just bloody relieved.

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Body & Soul

It’s been 12 weeks since we gave up smoking. We count down the weeks, and it’s a victory countdown.

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Sydney Morning Herald

I don’t feel like I’m giving up anything, in fact I’ve gotten something back; my self-respect, my lungs; my sense of control over my life.

Take 5 Magazine

To say goodbye to cigarettes you have to believe it’s possible. I did and I haven’t missed them!

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Bride To Be

Yes it’s the most amazing and easy system that helped me give up smoking after 20 years, just like THAT…

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Clubs NSW

I still haven’t smoked. It seems that I simply just don’t want one.

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OK Magazine

One month later and I feel 100% like a non-smoker.

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If you’re still trying to quit, consider the method that worked for Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres and Anthony Hopkins.

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The Observer

Allow Allen Carr to help you escape today.

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No gimmicks, patches or laser, just methods that have proven effective.

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6PR’s Millsy chatting with Dianne Fisher about how he quit the Easyway. Click play below to hear the full interview…


Natalie, 42, had tried everything over 20 years to stop smoking and found her solution in Allen Carr’s Easyway. Since May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, why not read and get inspired by her story …?

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ABC Radio

Natalie discusses the impact of Covid on smoking and drinking with presenter Bec Chave.


Mens Health

At the close, there was more anticlimactic choreography: each of us was made to stand up in turn and throw our lighter and remaining cigarettes into a bin next to our jubilant seminar leader.

It’s difficult to put into words how I felt after that – or have done since then. I certainly experienced no sense of conversion or fundamental change in my mindset. I didn’t feel magically cured of my addiction. But staring out of the window on the train home, I recall watching a woman of similar age standing awkwardly in a doorway. Her body was contorted and her face scrunched up as she vainly tried to smoke her Superking while avoiding the wind and drizzle. She was wet. She didn’t look as if she was enjoying herself at all. But she persisted. And at that precise moment, it struck me as the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen. All I could think was: why? Why would you do that to yourself?

Once upon a time, if someone had asked me the same question, I might have answered with a petulant, albeit unconvincing, “Why not?”

But now I can say quite plainly: “Because I don’t have to.”

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