How to choose your stop smoking therapist or counsellor

With so many choices about which quit smoking method to use it’s no wonder that more and more smokers are turning to stop smoking therapists, hypnotherapists, and counsellors to help them kick the smoking habit. So with no shortage of candidates – how do you choose which one to ensure that your next attempt to quit smoking is your last?

Choose someone who has been there

How can a counsellor empathise with you, with your smoking history, with your previous attempts to stop smoking if they have never smoked, and more importantly, never escaped from smoking themselves?

Choose someone who doesn’t smoke now!

Any quit smoking therapists, hypnotherapists, or counsellors who claim they enjoy smoking and don’t want to stop is kidding themselves. No part of addiction involves “choosing” whether you take the drug or not, and those people cannot be trusted to help you.

Choose someone who has used their own method to quit

Anyone can charge you a lot of money to simply regurgitate glossy marketing material. Your therapist or counsellor must walk the walk. They should practise what they preach and lead you gently along the path that they themselves walked towards freedom.

Choose someone who has a positive view on the quit smoking process

Be wary of a stop smoking counsellor or therapist who claims that quitting smoking is going to be really, really hard. This type of counsellor or therapist will always blame the poor smoker for their lack of success saying, “you obviously don’t want to stop enough” or “you really aren’t ready to stop are you?”

Choose someone who will guarantee results

If you asked someone to fix your car and they failed – you wouldn’t expect to pay them! A meaningful guarantee offers more than repeat sessions. If free sessions are included, that’s fine, as long as the guarantee includes GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK IF THEY DON’T WORK! It’s worth paying more – if the results are guaranteed.

Choose someone who is recommended by happy non-smokers

There is nothing better than personal recommendation. If a stop smoking therapist comes recommended by friends or friends of friends who used the therapist to stop smoking successfully – it’s a no-brainer.

If you have heard of celebrities who have quit smoking using a particular therapist, make enquiries. You may find that group sessions with the same therapist/counsellor are far more affordable and equally effective. You’ll still get the ROCKSTAR result.

You probably think that the above checklist is a big ask for any stop smoking therapist or counsellor or hypnotherapist. You might be surprised to know – that every single Allen Carr’s Easyway® therapist, in every single Allen Carr’s Easyway® clinic in the world – ticks every single one of those boxes.

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