Myth 4: Physical addiction to nicotine makes it hard to stop

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Myth No 4: The physical addiction to nicotine makes it difficult to stop

It naturally follows from what we have discussed that it’s not nicotine addiction, or more precisely, the chemical addiction to nicotine that makes quitting difficult. What is responsible for the difficulty is the mental addiction which causes us to feel that we’re making a sacrifice, that we’re being forced to give up a genuine pleasure or crutch and that we are therefore being deprived.

It’s very hard to overcome this mental addiction by willpower and it certainly can’t be overcome by pills, potions, drugs, needles, bioresonance or indeed any other physical intervention. What is required is understanding. It’s only once you understand the nature of a problem that you can set about solving it.

The psychological addiction to cigarettes can only be successfully removed by a psychological method of quitting.

We may survive temporarily on willpower but it tends to be a traumatic experience and before long the sense of loss and deprivation usually makes us cave in.

It’s the mental addiction that explains why ex-smokers who’ve not smoked for months OR EVEN YEARS (and so have clearly ceased to be physically addicted to nicotine) still say they could kill for a cigarette. If you use the correct approach you will not have to suffer like those unfortunate ex-smokers.

Many put on weight because they try to fill their sense of loss by substituting food or drink for smoking. Again, this is caused by the mental or psychological addiction.

The good news, however, is that this psychological addiction can easily be removed. And this is the essence of Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking method.

Once the mental addiction is removed, it’s easy to get rid of the physical addiction.

With this method, quitting is easy and you can actually enjoy the process itself.

Yes, I’m serious! Really!

I know it’s hard enough for you to believe that quitting can be easy – let alone that it can be enjoyable. Yet, I have experienced it myself and so have the millions of others who’ve quit with Allen Carr’s Easyway.

In the words of Sir Anthony Hopkins:

“Some friends of mine who had stopped by using Allen Carr’s method suggested I tried it. I did. It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction. Like those friends of mine, I found it not only easy but unbelievably enjoyable to stay stopped.”


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