Myth 5: Nicotine is not harmful

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Myth No 5: Nicotine is not harmful

Once a smoker has to accept that he is in fact a nicotine addict, there are several options that might cross his mind to avoid facing the prospect of quitting which fills most smokers with dread.

Electronic cigarettes might seem to be an obvious option to substitute for traditional cigarettes because e-cigarettes are marketed as being a harmless alternative way to feed your addiction? Well that’s what we’re told, but they still contain nicotine. In fact, since they’re currently unregulated, it’s difficult to have any idea whatsoever what they contain. So, ask yourself this question: can you trust the manufacturers of this new nicotine delivery system which is designed specifically to keep you addicted to nicotine? Remember, it’s been proven that the cigarette manufacturers denied for years that their products were either addictive or bad for your health when they knew for certain that they were.

Of course there are also nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers, tablets, sprays, etc. In parts of the USA and Scandinavia dip or snus – moist pouches of tobacco held in the mouth – are popular. The use of these products has been justified on the grounds that they’re relatively harmless. However, dip and snus have now been found to cause cancer and numerous other diseases.

Furthermore, a lot of people forget that nicotine itself is a strong poison. There’s no reliable data about the long term effects of the use of the nicotine products now peddled by the pharmaceutical industry in its attempt to take its share of the lucrative nicotine-addicted market from the tobacco companies.

If the nicotine content of a single cigarette were injected it into our vein, we would die immediately. Nicotine is a very strong poison!

There is a good reason why it’s used as an essential agent in pesticides and insecticides. You should also be aware that that nicotine has a vasoconstrictive effect that can cause high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

There are less harmful nicotine delivery devices than cigarettes but nicotine remains equally harmful and these devices tend to cost as much as smoking. However, the worst thing about these alternative delivery systems is that they keep you addicted and you therefore have to continue to suffer the demeaning slavery of being controlled by an addictive drug. Of course, nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers, tablets, sprays, etc are marketed as a way of stopping smoking and the idea is that you stop taking the nicotine product after a few months. In reality, as you may have experienced yourself, the vast majority of smokers end up smoking again and many end up using the nicotine products as well!

Can you now see that the only way to resolve your smoking problem is to remove the addiction entirely? And wouldn’t the best method of achieving that be the one that addresses the psychological craving, involves no drugs, no suffering of withdrawal symptoms and leaves you feeling free right from the moment you put out your final cigarette?


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