Allen Carr’s Easyway Webcast

The online seminar works in much the same way as the live seminar – by demonstrating that the beliefs surrounding smoking are just illusions. The beliefs we have that the cigarette gives us some pleasure, crutch or benefit and that we’ll be deprived of this pleasure if we don’t smoke.

By demonstrating that these beliefs are illusions, Allen Carr’s Easyway makes quitting easy and enjoyable so that you do not miss cigarettes again.
So rather than relying on willpower or trying to ease the withdrawal symptoms with medication, the method focuses on the way you think and feel about smoking to simply remove your desire to smoke.

With no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower to quit. It sounds ridiculously simple because it is. And it works.

How it works and what to expect
The online seminar is a complete quit smoking program. You will be guided by one of our most experienced seminar facilitators, who has personally helped over 5000 smokers including many household names.

It is split into six parts, averaging around thirty five minutes, creating a total length of three and half hours. It has been designed to be watched in one sitting, with a smoke-break between each segment, up until the ritual “final cigarette” at the end of Chapter 5. if you have already quit smoking and are viewing this to reinforce your quit or simply to find it easier to stay stopped, just ignore the instructions to take a smoke break between parts.

If you are unable to watch in one day, we suggest watching Chapters 1 – 3 one day, and Chapters 4 – 6 the following day.

Once you start viewing you will have unlimited access to all parts for one month.

Cost and guarantee
The online seminar costs US$149 (approx. A$199)
On purchase the account is available to activate at any time and will not expire until it is activated by viewing. Once you start viewing, you will have unlimited access to the video chapters for 30 days. If you have not completed viewing, renewal is free. Just email us for assistance. Otherwise there is a renewal fee of $49 which will be provided to clients on re-logging in.

We are delighted to extend our guarantee to our online seminar. If you have watched it in full and it has not worked for you, your fee will be refunded. The guarantee and account are valid for 30 days so please ensure you contact us no later than 5 business days after your account expiry. You can review the simple terms and conditions before your purchase.

Works on all devices
The online seminar is accessible from all devices. It’s as simple as watching a video on YouTube – just click on the play button and view! The only requirement is for broadband (high speed) internet connection.

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