Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

Q: How does Allen Carr’s Easyway work?

You have seen from the success rate that Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking and Vaping method is the most successful smoking cessation therapy available today, and is quite unlike anything else because:

You can stop smoking and vaping easily in one day.

Withdrawal symptoms are reduced to the extent that they’re virtually imperceptible and therefore not a problem.

There is no need for substitution activities like snacks or eating so there is no need for you to gain weight once you stop smoking with this method.

This is the only method that truly treats and eliminates the mental addiction – eradicating that ‘But I enjoy smoking and miss it’ feeling – so you do not need willpower.

It is completely natural: no need for pills, nicotine patches, gums or e-cigarettes so the therapy has no side-effects and no ongoing costs.

To sum it up, the biggest advantage of this method is that you are going to stop smoking easily, without pain or any sense of loss – and permanently.

Oh, and the great news is that you carry on smoking while you use the method until you’re happy to stub out your final cigarette.

If you quit smoking and vaping using Allen Carr’s Easyway method:

You should not become tense or nervous
You will actually enjoy social occasions more
You will be able to overcome stress more easily
You will be able to concentrate better
You will not be tormented by a desire to smoke – even occasionally
The quitting process will be quick, easy, and actually enjoyable.

Q: Which Easyway product is best for me?

There are a few ways of accessing Allen Carr’s Easyway method:
the best-selling book, the online webcast or the live face to face clinics.

So which is best for you?

– The book is the most cost effective way of accessing the method and for the cost of a packet of cigarettes you can free yourself easily.
Ideal if you’re on a budget and enjoy reading.

– The pre-recorded webcast is our mid-priced product and is great if you’re a visual learner or live in a regional area.

– The live clinic is the original Allen Carr programme, boasts the highest success rate of 90% and includes a full money back guarantee and ongoing support.

It’s the most powerful and effective way of accessing Allen Carr’s Easyway method. The one-off 5 hour stop smoking seminar is all it takes for most smokers and vapers to stop smoking and vaping, happily and easily.

The seminars are engaging and positive. They offer a refreshing insight into the true nature of addiction and they are hugely successful.

Q: What happens at the clinics?

Upon arrival we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your smoking history and then we’ll talk about smoking.

We’ll talk about your very first cigarette; how it tasted, how it felt.
We’ll talk about the special cigarettes and how they feel. The first of the day, after a meal, with a drink etc etc.
We’ll talk about casual smokers, heavy smokers, pack a day smokers, young smokers and older smokers.

We’ll explain how nicotine withdrawal really works and the difference between the physical vs the mental addiction.

The clinic will challenge what you currently believe and change the way you think about cigarettes, so rather than feeling that you’re ‘giving something up’, instead you’ll be truly glad that you no longer have to smoke any more.

Throughout the day there’ll be regular smoke breaks so when it’s time to smoke your final cigarette, you’ll be well and truly ready…maybe even excited!

The final cigarette will be followed by a light hypnotherapy so that you leave feeling calm and relaxed.

At some point during the 5 hour session there will be a moment when you truly understand that there is no reason to smoke any more.
That’s the moment you are free from the nicotine trap.
Read more about what happens during a clinic…

Q: How many people are in a clinic?

We keep our groups relatively small so that we can focus on every individual and their needs.

A typical group would have between 6 and 10 people with a maximum of 20 at any clinic.

Q: Can I smoke/vape during the clinic?

Yes, at Allen Carr’s Easyway we encourage you to smoke during the clinic so please bring your cigarettes and nicotine products with you.

This is not aversion therapy where you smoke until you feel ill; this is about understanding why you do smoke so by the time we get to the final cigarette, you’ll be ready to leave as a happy non-smoker.

Q: Do you use hypnotherapy?

At the end of the clinic session there is a short period of hypnotherapy designed to reinforce what you have learned during the main part of the session and remove any remaining doubts that you may have. This is a period of light relaxation and is not deep hypnosis – you are never “put under” or put into a trance. It’s always a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Q: Should I try and cut down before attending the clinic?

Whilst cutting down will save you money and possibly have a lesser impact on your health, it won’t change your relationship with cigarettes.

Whenever I tried to cut down, it just made cigarettes appear even more special and as the wait time between them got longer, the urge to have one became even greater. In other words, I was even more desperate to have one!

Just carry on smoking as normal until your clinic, come with an open mind and a packet of cigarettes.

Q: Will the clinic work if the book hasn’t?

This is a great question and one we get asked all the time.

The book is fantastic and reading it is enough for many smokers to get free of nicotine for life.
Some smokers, however, need a bit more help with it and prefer the face to face live clinics.

You can ask questions throughout the live clinic and you’ll get a real, live, straight answer from someone who has themselves used Allen Carr’s Easyway method to quit smoking and has received comprehensive training to become a qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway Therapist.

You’ll be shown a strategy to help you break through your fears and easily deal with anything that may previously have led to temptation. This is done using powerful psychology aimed at the conscious mind, reinforced at the end of the seminar by hypnotherapy.

You get to share your experience (if you wish) with those of other participants, often realising you are not the only one with your particular fears and worries.

Although you will be given everything you need in one seminar to become a happy non-smoker, if you should need support after you leave us, free back-up seminars and telephone support is available.

Q:What aids do you use and recommend after the seminar?

The fabulous news is that you don’t need any aids after the seminar. The seminar is designed to set you free without any need for aids, substitutes, e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, nicotine patches or any other gimmicks afterwards. We provide you with some clear instructions as you leave the seminar and if you follow them you’ll never smoke again. The seminar has no side-effects and so there are no ongoing costs at all.

Q:I am a strong-willed person in all other areas of my life but when it comes to giving up smoking I am useless. Why?

It is a common misconception that it takes willpower to quit smoking and that belief alone can make it difficult to quit. But does it really take willpower to quit, or is it a shift of perspective that is really needed?

You only need willpower not to do something that you actually want to do. If you don’t want to do something, it doesn’t take willpower not to do it. The difficulty that many experience is because even though they want to quit, they still want to smoke. They want to smoke because they believe that the cigarette gives them some kind of pleasure or crutch.

Allen Carr’s Easyway shows smokers how their desire to smoke is based on a trick that nicotine played on their brain when they were starting out as smokers. We can teach you how to correct your perspective with respect to smoking in a way that leaves you with no desire to smoke whatsoever. And with no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower to quit.

Join the millions who have quit smoking using this simple, drug-free approach.

Locations and travel

Q: I can’t find a clinic in my area.

If there isn’t a clinic in your location we are happy to travel to you but require a minimum of 4 people committed up front.

Once we have that commitment we can open up a session to the public in your location.

Depending on the location we might also ask you to cover our travel expenses and the free follow up sessions may only be available in major cities.

Other options available are our book, our webcast and we also offer a discount if you live more than 150kms from your nearest clinic.

Contact us for a personalised quote or to find out more about other options.

We’ll always try to work out the most cost-effective way for you to access Allen Carr’s Easyway.

Q: Can I have a private clinic?

Yes, we can certainly run a private clinic for you in the comfort of your own home.

The minimum cost of a private clinic is $2,500 for up to 4 people including the money back guarantee; additional people will be charged at the standard rate of $625.

Depending on the location we might ask you to cover travel expenses and free follow up sessions may only be available in major cities.

Contact us for a personalised quote.

Q: Can you come to our workplace?

Yes we can. The Allen Carr Easyway corporate program consists of an in-depth session either at our clinic or onsite at your workplace.

The 5-hour session is run by a qualified Allen Carr therapist who has quit smoking themselves using Allen Carr’s Easyway.

Your investment includes:

– A private group session at our locations or at your premises
– Free access to follow-up sessions for employees who need them
– Free telephone support from qualified Allen Carr therapists

The program works for all smokers—regardless of age, gender or smoking/quitting history. There are no drugs, patches, lozenges, lasers or willpower, just a logical and sensible approach.

To make sure your staff members achieve success and you get the most from your investment, we offer corporate clients two guarantee options: our 3-month money-back guarantee or our 3-year unlimited session guarantee.

Contact us for a personalised quote or visit to read more.

Special corporate rates available for Medibank clients.

Success rates

Q: What are my chances of succeeding?

Okay, so here are the official success rate stats:

Based on our 3 month Money Back Guarantee the success rate of Allen Carr’s Easyway clinics is over 90%; independent scientific studies published in peer reviewed journals indicate that even after 12 months the success rate is over 50%; and an independent randomised controlled trial indicates that the success rate is significantly higher than the established national health service programme against which it was tested (which involves the use of nicotine products).

In reality for you it’s either 100% or 0% and to give yourself the best possible chance, we recommend committing to the full program and attending the free follow up sessions if required.
If you’re committed enough to do that and are still smoking, we’ll genuinely refund your money.

Q: Is the method equally effective for casual smokers?

All smokers are under the illusion that they enjoy smoking or that smoking provides them with some sort of crutch or pleasure, therefore all smokers have a psychological addiction to smoking.

Allen Carr’s Easyway addresses both the physical and psychological addiction so yes, the method will work whether you smoke 1 a day or 100 a day.

Q: Does Easyway work for all nicotine and tobacco users?

The addiction is to the same substance—nicotine. So yes, Easyway is effective for all nicotine users, including people who smoke cigars or use e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, hookahs and nicotine gum or patches.

Q: What if I relapse?

If you relapse or are struggling at all, the first thing you need to do is get in touch!

Often a quick phone call can get you back in the right frame of mind.

If you still feel you need more help, free follow up sessions are included in your seminar investment; as many as you want/need to attend within 3 months. We also offer free phone support for as long as you need it.

The follow up sessions are different to the first session and are just 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. If you relapse after 3 months has passed, you can attend any number of follow up sessions at half price.

Q: I have read the book and I stopped easily. Yet at some point I started smoking again. I’ve read the book again, but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Is it worth coming?

YES. The good news is that the method did work for you. The bad news is that at some point you got overconfident or casual about cigarettes and smoking. The chances are you thought you’d try “just one” or forgot why you wanted to quit smoking in the first place or mistakenly reached for a cigarette at a time of crisis and stress. In these circumstances it can be hard for the book to work its “magic” a second time. The seminar will set you free – and more importantly – help you stay free this time.

The seminar can help because you can ask questions as they come to mind. And you’ll get a real, live, straight answer from someone who has themselves used Allen Carr’s Easyway method and has received comprehensive training to become a qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway Therapist.

You’ll be shown a strategy to help you break through your fears and easily deal with anything that may previously have led to temptation. This is done using powerful psychology aimed at the conscious mind, reinforced at the end of the seminar by hypnotherapy.

There is also the money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

Q: What about the terrible physical withdrawal?

The feeling that most smokers describe as nicotine withdrawal has little to do with nicotine. It is a physical symptom of a psychological process. It occurs when we want to smoke but can’t. This conflict creates feelings of deprivation, sacrifice, anxiety and stress.

Allen Carr’s method removes the desire to smoke and with no desire to smoke, there is no conflict and the withdrawal process becomes easy.

Q: How will I feel once I quit smoking?

Many ex-smokers say they feel nothing when they quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway. No painful withdrawal. No anxiety. No fear or stress. Just a sense of calm.

Rest assured, you’ll be the same person. From the moment you stub out your final cigarette, you will be a happy non-smoker. You will enjoy social occasions more without having to worry about the need to smoke. Your ability to cope with stress will improve as you realise you have no further need for a crutch. Physically, within 20 minutes of quitting, the health benefits begin!

Q: Will I still socialise/enjoy my life when I stop smoking?

Absolutely. When you leave a seminar you are free from the tricks that nicotine plays on the brain and you will not want to smoke again. This means you are free to socialise with smokers even while they smoke and not feel the desire to join them. We know that’s hard to believe – but take our word for it – whether you’re surrounded by smokers at work or at home or throughout your social life – you’ll be a happy non-smoker and won’t be tempted to smoke. Even better – you won’t turn into one of those awful “reformed smokers” – someone who quits smoking and subsequently hassles and harangues their smoking friends. Your friends, colleagues, and family will be amazed how easily you’ll cope with life as a happy non-smoker and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything once you quit.

Remember, you are not going to stop living; you will be freeing yourself from an addiction that has controlled you since you started smoking.

Non-smokers enjoy meals, drinks, holidays and social occasions, and so will you. You have just forgotten what it’s like to be a non-smoker.

Q: Will I put on weight?

There is absolutely no reason to gain weight with Allen Carr’s Easyway because you won’t miss smoking and therefore won’t be looking for a substitute or replacement.

We usually hear more stories of clients losing weight because they become more active and feel energised.

Q: I am under a lot of stress at the moment…should I wait?

You may believe that smoking relieves stress or helps you cope with anxiety. Anyone who believed this would have a desire to smoke in such situations and that desire to smoke would make it difficult to quit. But does smoking really relieve stress, or is there something else going on?

Well, if smoking relieved stress you could reasonably expect smokers to be able to cope with stress better than non-smokers and this just isn’t the case. In fact, research indicates that smokers are substantially more stressed and suffer far higher levels of anxiety than non-smokers.

Allen Carr’s Easyway helps you understand the trick that nicotine plays on the brain. This trick cons the smoker’s brain into seeing the cigarette as a stress reliever when in fact it is a stress creator. We can completely remove your desire to smoke in a stressful situation, and with no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower to stop.


Q: How much does the clinic cost?

The price for an individual is $625, which includes unlimited follow-up sessions for the initial 3 months plus a full money-back guarantee.

At $1 a cigarette, that’s one month of smoking for an average 20 a day smoker.

Q: Can I claim it back through health insurance?

Some health funds will cover all or some of the costs of the programs, but you should check with your health fund as it may depend on your individual level of cover.

The program is free for AIA Vitality Australia life insurance members.

Q: Can I get my employer to pay?

Many companies use Allen Carr’s Easyway to help them achieve a smoke free workplace, so go ahead and ask.

We can tailor a package that works for you so why not invite your HR department to look at our corporate page or ask us for a personalised quote.

Special corporate rates are available for Medibank Corporate clients.

Q: How does the money back guarantee work?

We’re proud of our method and success rate and want you to achieve, but we know it’s not for everyone.

If, 3 months from the date you commence Allen Carr’s Easyway program, you are still smoking, your fee will be refunded in full.

The only way our guarantee can be invalidated is if:

You cancel, postpone or fail to attend a session or arrive over 15 minutes late/leave early for a session.
You don’t attend at least 2 free follow-up sessions within 3 months of the date of your first session.

In summary, you give it your best shot. When you do, we’re confident you’ll be successful.

Your life as a non-smoker starts here