Counting the Benefits of Smoking

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The benefits of smoking are as follows:

1. None
2. Nil
3. Zero
4. Nothing!

The truth is, there really are absolutely no benefits to smoking whatsoever!

As a 20 year smoker I’d been led to believe that smoking relaxed me, relieved my stress and helped me enjoy social occasions more.
I truly believed that I enjoyed smoking and that a cigarette was my ‘friend’.

Once I found out the truth, that smoking made me feel anxious and unrelaxed, gave me another layer of stress, ruined social occasions for me and there were absolutely no benefits to smoking whatsoever, it was easy to stop and to stay stopped. I don’t miss smoking, I don’t envy smokers and feel free and so much happier without them.

Any smoker can find  it easy to stop and remain stopped, but only once you understand that there are truly no benefits to smoking.


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