Myth 2: Once a smoker, always a smoker…

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This is perhaps the most damaging myth of all because it suggests that you can never become completely free. It’s the result of smokers who quit on the willpower method (any method where you believe you’re making a sacrifice) and find that they continue to crave cigarettes months or even years afterwards.

No wonder smokers are afraid of quitting…just the thought of spending the rest of your life feeling deprived and missing out is enough to make anyone depressed.

I once quit for a month on the willpower method and was still climbing the walls. However, when I finally stopped for good, it was easy and I’ve never missed smoking since. So you can get completely free if you use the right method, you don’t have to miss it and you can enjoy being a non-smoker right from the start and for the rest of your life.

Among our clients there are loads of ex-smokers, including me, who now find cigarette smoke just as repulsive as life-long non-smokers and find it difficult to believe that they used to smoke at all.


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