5 Myths Summary

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Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about the 5 Myths of Nicotine Addiction:

1 Smoking is a habit
2 Once a smoker, always a smoker
3 You have to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you quit
4 The physical addiction to nicotine makes it difficult to stop
5 Nicotine is not harmful

Now that we’ve exploded each of them, let’s summarise briefly what you have learnt from the previous articles.

We have explained that smoking is nicotine addiction and that accepting this fact is a key precondition to quitting successfully. The physical addiction is actually easy and painless to get rid of provided that you first address the mental addiction.

Here’s how you can quit easily, painlessly and permanently:

The method developed by Allen Carr eliminates precisely this mental addiction and therefore your desire to smoke.

All it takes is to attend a five hour Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking session. That’s how I quit and I’ve never missed smoking since. Most people just need that one session but back up sessions are provided free of charge for the few that require them.

The real advantage of the method is that it makes quitting easy: smokers stop without suffering withdrawal symptoms or feeling deprived.

Furthermore, you don’t need any drugs, substitutes or gimmicks. It really is that simple.


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