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5 Hours That Changed My Life

I loved smoking and was very, very good at it. For 20 years it featured in every part of my day from morning to night and felt like an extension of who I was. Everywhere I went, everything I did, every waking thought it was with me like a BFF.

You can imagine my absolute horror when I was confronted with the concept of breaking up. How on earth would I cope? How would I ever enjoy life again? It was such a ridiculous idea that I immediately dismissed it and lit up another cigarette.

But the little voice kept nagging at me “You have to stop doing this….it’s going to kill you”.

I was torn. I loved smoking but I didn’t enjoy being a smoker and the hassle and risks that went with it. Oh, what to do except light up another precious cigarette….

And so the cycle continued for years to come. Years of mental battle, years of failed quit attempts, years of beating myself up for being weak and lacking willpower and years of trying to block out the voice that told me I had to fix this problem.

21st June 2003 was the day that changed my life forever, the day I finally had the courage (yes, I was scared) to do something about it. I was booked in to attend Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking seminar and just the thought of giving up my precious friend made me want to smoke even more.

I chain smoked 50 cigarettes the day before and smoked at every opportunity on my way to the seminar.

I arrived feeling extremely nervous and convinced it wouldn’t work, after all, I’d already read the book three times and was still smoking. How would this be any different?

But it was different. My eyes were opened to a whole new understand of smoking, a whole new way of thinking about it.

• I learned that smoking was simply drug addiction and that I was an addict.
• I learned that the so-called feeling of pleasure was like removing a pair of tight shoes just to feel better.
• I learned that I didn’t smoke out of choice but rather was controlled by the drug (after all, if it was a genuine choice I could equally choose not to do it, right?)
• I learned that nicotine addiction is 99% mental/1% physical and you have to address the mental to get free of the physical.
• I learned that I didn’t need anything to replace it and was complete without it.

Ultimately, I learned that smoking was a confidence trick and I’d been fooled into believing that cigarettes provided me with some kind of comfort or pleasure. Once you understand how a confidence trick works, you can’t undo that. Ever.

5 hours later and finally understanding how the smoking trap worked, I was free.

17 years nicotine free and I’ve never craved nor wanted a cigarette since, have never missed smoking, have never envied smokers and feel relief and joy every single day that I’m free.

If you have 5 hours to spare and wonder if this can be possible for you, what have you got to lose by giving it a go?

You’re completely protected by our Money Back Guarantee and might even enjoy the process of quitting…. and yes, it can work for you even if you love smoking.

Natalie – 20 year smoker, 17 years free….yippeeeee!!!!!

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